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This is a popular 16x2 LCD Display Blue LED Backlight display based on the HD 44870 display controller which makes it is easy to interface this LCD most micro-controllers. Its extreme popularity ensures that no matter which micro controller platform you are using, you will definitely find ready libr..
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16x2 LCD Display Green LED Backlight is based on the HD44870 display controller hence it is easy to interface with most micro controllers. This is a basic 16 character by 2 line Alphanumeric display. Black text on Green background. Interface code is freely available. You will need Minimum 6 general ..
Ex Tax:₹139.83
The 20X4 Alphanumeric LCD Display with Blue Backlight is designed to display letters, numbers, symbols, dot matrix. It can display 4 lines of 20 characters. Support 4-bit and 8-bit data transfer mode. Offers 5x7 matrix + cursor display mode. Providing display data buffer DDRAM, character generator C..
Ex Tax:₹360.17
This is a 20x4 Alphanumeric LCD Display Green Backlight based on the HD44870 display controller which makes it is easy to interface with most micro controllers. Its extreme popularity ensures that no matter which micro controller platform you are using this LCD on, you will definitely find ready lib..
Ex Tax:₹326.27
If you want to add some visual output to your Arduino projects, you’ll need a display. If you need only little to display, the 20X4 LCD2004 Display with I2C Interface Module is a quite good solution.This is 20x4 LCD Display that provides a simple and cost-effective solution that is very easy to inte..
Ex Tax:₹305.08
The Graphic LCD Display 128x64 (Blue) - JHD Make is based on the ST7920 controller which is quite a popular controller used for Arduino. . It is easy to use and compatible with the majority of microcontrollers out there. You can do a lot of graphics stuff with this display. You can create frames and..
Ex Tax:₹394.07
We are offering quality tested Graphic LCD Display Green 128x64 - JHD make that can display not only alphanumeric data but simple graphics also. Fabricated from advance technology, these LCD's are highly suitable for animations and neat menus. Moreover, our product can handle the 128*64 pixels and c..
Ex Tax:₹478.81
I2C Serial Interface Adapter Module for for 16x2 (1602) Character LCD is great Serial Interface Module for interface. As the pin resources of Arduino controller is limited, many project may be not able to use normal LCD shield after connected with a certain quantity of sensors or SD card. However, w..
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The name of this product itself is enough to explain its origin. Yes of course !!! this LCD module was used in old Nokia 5110/3310 cell phones. Now its been widely used by hobbyists for graphics, text etc.Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module is a low-cost monochrome LCD module comprised of 84x48 pixels tha..
Ex Tax:₹179.66
Smart LCD2004 Display Reprap Controller for RAMPS 1.4 with Adapter is an intelligent controller includes an SD card reader, rotary encoders and a 20-character x 4 line LCD display. You can easily connect it to your RAMPS 1.4 board using "smart adapter" included. This panel connects to your RAMPS 1.4..
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Whenever we work with embedded system we need a reliable output device with the help of which we get the required information, now this problem is solved with the introduction of 16 character by 2 i.e. 16X2 LCD Display with IIC/I2C interface - Blue. 16×2 LCD is an alphanumeric display that can show ..
Ex Tax:₹207.63
This is LCD Display 16×2 LCD1602 Holder Acrylic Case Stand Module. This transparent acrylic case is strong and handy. Give your LCD screen a rightful throne. This stylistic holder will surely give your project an aesthetic boost.Specifications: Material Acrylic ..
Ex Tax:₹45.76
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