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This is USB To Serial Adapter Module USB TO TTL RS232 Arduino Cable With CTS RTS. USB To RS232 TTL PL2303HX Auto Converter Module Adapter 5V Output provides the best and convenient way to connect your RS232 TTL devices or DEMO BRD. To your computer, via the USB port.FTDI based USB to TTL Serial Cabl..
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USB to UART/ESP8266 Adapter Programmer for ESP-01 WiFi Modules with CH340G Chip converts the signal from a USB interface to a PC / laptop to match a serial module ESP8266. This converter module has CH340 chip which makes it reliable with high performance. It is compatible with most Windows systems. ..
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XR2206 High Precision Function Signal Generator DIY Kit Sine Triangle Square Output 1Hz-1MHz Adjustable Frequency Amplitude is professional product to generate sine/triangle/square wave. It's a DIY kit for you to solder and install. This function generator works on supply voltage from 9V to 12V..
Ex Tax:₹504.24
XR2206 High Precision Signal Generator is a Function Generator that comes pre-soldered and with a compatible case. This function generator works on supply voltage from 9V to 12VDC, it can generate square, sine, and triangle waveform with frequency from 1Hz to 1MHz. The amplitude of the waveforms can..
Ex Tax:₹618.64
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