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An adjustable potentiometer, 10K Potentiometer Module can open up many interesting user interfaces. Turn the pot and the resistance changes. Connect VCC to an outer pin, GND to the other, and the center pin will have a voltage that varies from 0 to VCC depending on the rotation of the pot.Hook the c..
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This is a relay module with an automatic delay timer. The module consists of a 12V relay along with a three-digit seven-segment display. The module is based on an N76E003AT20 microcontroller. The module has three buttons one to control the function and others to set the delay time.Features:Increase ..
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This 140 pcs U Shape Solderless Breadboard Jumper Cable Wire Kit contains 140 jumper wires ready for solderless breadboarding. It comes in 14 different lengths and 8 colors to keep your circuit on the surface. This will keep your projects neat and organized and will save you from stripping cables ea..
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16Mhz Crystal Oscillator HC49/US Package is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.This frequency is commonly used to keep track of time (as in quartz wristwatch..
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1uF 50V Electrolytic Capacitor is a radial polarised good quality Electrolytic capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors are widely used in power supplies, switched-mode power supplies and DC-DC converters. This capacitor has long life, low leakage current and wide operating range.The Electrolytic Capacito..
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2 Pin Tactile Switch micro - Push to ON button is a Reset Switch widely use in Triggering Purposes. This swtich are use to install in many circuit boards as basic components.Package Includes:10 x 2 Pin Tactile Switch micro - Push to ON button..
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220E 1/4W Carbon Film Resistors are typical axial-lead resistors, which have much better temperature stability and provides lower noise and are generally better for high frequency or radio frequency applications.We made it available in the form of a bunch of different values as required for project ..
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The 2×2 matrix keypad module usually is used as input in a project. It has 4 keys in total, which means the same input values. The module is a non-encoded matrix keypad consisting of 14 keys in parallel. The keys of each row and column are connected through the pins outside – pin R1-R2 as labeled be..
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Standard 3pin terminal block connector with 5mm pitch and PCB mountable. It can be easily multiplied to any even number pin connector by just patching them together. This screw terminals are widely used in all kinds of electronics devices for connecting the wires. They accept wires of 26-14 AWG or 2..
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Are you finding an adapter to connect your cell phone or another music device to your home theatre surround system? You are so lucky; here is a perfect one – 3.5mm Male to 3 RCA Male AV Adapter Cable.The adapter cable can connect all the music device with 3.5mm jack to your speaker with the RCA port..
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328Pcs Colorful Assorted Heat Shrink Tube 5 Colors 8 Size Tubing Wrap Sleeve Set Combo consists of 5 Color in total (each size has 4 colors): Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Red. Its has different Sizes: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm and total 328pcs in a set.Features:Material: Polyolefin Sup..
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This is 3X4 12-key Keyboard / Keypad Telephone Style. It is 12 Button Keypad switch, ideal for code or data entry. Each key is rated for up to 1,000,000 life-stroke and also features a durable high-quality material contact surface for best environmental resistances.This 3×4 Keypad Matrix lets you qu..
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