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28 Pin Narrow IC Socket base adaptor is a 28 pin IC holder, which can be soldered directly onto the PCB with pins spaced at 0.1"(2.54 mm). The IC can be removed from this socket when required. The IC is placed on the socket at the time of use. This base acts as a removable IC holder. The IC bas..
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3.5mm Gold Plated Bullet Connector Male-Female Pair are designed for medium duty use, capable of sustaining 60A with higher bursts. This connectors are useful for connecting small ESCs to motors or connecting other low amperage wiring. You will need solder and a soldering iron for securing the attac..
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40 Pin IC Base (DIP Socket) is a 40 pin IC Base (DIP Socket) with pins spaced at 0.1"(2.54 mm) . Use this IC base for easily plugging in and out ICs during prototyping. Also use this IC base to protect IC from damage due to heat while soldering by first soldering the base to the board and then plu..
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4mm Gold Connector Male/Female Pair Gold Connectors has Quality 4 mm sprung gold connectors can handle the large current, perfect for 3500mAh or larger capacity batteries or 80A+ systems. Our gold connectors are well machined and gold plated with a rear side-cut for easy soldering.Features :Hook up ..
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It is a 4mm SPDT 1P2T Slide Switch (Pack of 10). Commonly used in DIY projects, small power electronics projects, etc.Package Includes:10 x 4mm SPDT 1P2T Slide Switch...
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4N35 Optocoupler Phototransistor IC is an infrared emitter diode drives a phototransistor. They are also known as opto isolators since they separate two circuits optically. The 4N35 optocoupler consists of gallium arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN phototransistor. These are used to c..
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4X3 Matrix Keypad - Membrane type is a 12-button keypad provides a useful human interface component for micro-controller projects. Convenient adhesive backing provides a simple way to mount the keypad in a variety of applications. The Keypad 4x3 features a total of 12 buttons in Matrix form. This is..
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Punch in your secret key into this numeric matrix keypad. 4x4 Matrix Keypad - Membrane type keypad has 16 buttons, arranged in a 4x4 grid. It's made of a thin, flexible membrane material with an adhesive backing (just remove the paper) so you can attach it to nearly anything. The keys are connected ..
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DC Power Jack Supply Female Socket is good quality power connector compatible with all 5.5 male power jack from different sources. It is compatible with 2.5×5.5 mm PCB mountable jack widely used in DIY hobby projects as well as in many robotics application for DC supply voltage connection up to 30 V..
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It is 5V 10A 4-Channel Optocoupler Relay Board Module, A wide range of microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM and so on can control it.It is also able to control various appliances and other types of equipment with large current.Relay output maximum contact is AC250V 10A and DC5V 10A. One c..
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This 5V 10A Dual Channel Opto-Coupler Relay Module meets the safety standard as control areas and load area have the isolation groove. Optical coupling isolation module.The triggering of the 2 Road/Channel Relay Module is reliable, more stable. The double FR – 4 circuit board design, high-end SMT pr..
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These SPDT relays covers switching capacity of 10A in spite of miniature size for PCB Mount. Contact Rating10A at 220V AC / 110V AC / 28V DCCoil Resistance70 ohm 5VDCPackage Includes:1 x 5V 10A PCB Mount Relay Note : Image is for reference, actual product may have different brand with..
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