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The Mini Digital Power Amplifiers 3W Dual Track provides Class AB power amplifier performance with Class D amplifier efficiency. The use of low noise, no filter structure can save the traditional D class amplifier output low pass filter. It requires very few external components, thus saving PCB spac..
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The Mini Digital Power Amplifier 3W Dual Track Red PAM8403 provides Class AB power amplifier performance with Class D amplifier efficiency. The use of low noise, no filter structure can save the traditional D class amplifier output low pass filter. Requires very few external components, thus saving ..
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This Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module For PIC Arduino WTV020-SD is a reusable mass storage voice module, can plug a maximum capacity of 1GB SD card memory and can load the WAV and AD4 audio. The voice module uses WTV020SD-20SS as the core chip, with an MP3 control mode, one to one key control mode, pow..
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Mix Assorted Ceramic Capacitor Box is a assortment of commonly used capacitors in various applications. Collection of different types of capacitors includes 4.7 pf, 10pf, 15pf, 22pf, 33pf, 56pf, 68pf, 82pf, 82pf, 100pf, 180pf, 240pf, 330pf, 560pf, 40kpf, 1k5pf, 2k2pf, 3k3pf, 4k7pf, 10k pf etc.A capa..
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It is a Momentary Tactile Push Button Switch with Yellow Round Cap. The cap fits on a 12 x 12 x 7.3 mm tactile push button switch.Specifications: Type Keys Tactile Switch Color Yellow Contact Resistance 50mΩ ..
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MP3 Bluetooth 4.1 Decoder Board is an Mp3 decoder board with an onboard Bluetooth 4.1 receiver. This board can be powered via a battery terminal or else from the onboard micro USB port. For the output of the board, there are solder pads for the right, left and ground wires of the speakers or a 3.5 m..
Ex Tax:₹97.46
MPR121 Breakout V12 Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller Module I2C keyboard is a capacitive touch sensor controller driven by an I2C interface. The chip can control up to twelve individual electrodes, as well as a simulated thirteenth electrode.The MPR121 also features eight LED driving… pins, when t..
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This Multipurpose 15cm PCB Ruler Engineering Measuring Tool must be available in your toolkit if you design and develop the PCBs and Circuits. PCB refers to the printed circuit board, which is the supporting body of the electronic components. Electronics enthusiasts in the design process need a meas..
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With this Multipurpose Precision Welding Soldering Machine Iron Stand with Magnifying Glass you will no more require a helping Hand to hold the things in the soldering process. The Holder Table Magnifying glass 35X is a helping hand with magnifier lens, you can magnify things by 3.5 times and 1..
Ex Tax:₹584.75
The Non-Destructive MP3 Decoding Board with Self-Powered TF Card U Disk Decoded Player module is used for playing tracks in the MP3 format stored on a micro SD card or USB memory. The perfect device for playing messages on platforms, warning signals, etc. Superior sound quality.Onboard 2W mono ampli..
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PAM8406 Digital Amplifier Module With Volume Control Potentiometer is an excellent noise suppression module. If you don’t receive input audio, you will not hear any noise on your ears.This module has a double channel stereo output. Its 5V power supply gives the output of 5W+5W power, can directly dr..
Ex Tax:₹72.03
This is a PC817 2 Channel Optocoupler Isolation Board. Onboard with 4-Channel 817 are independent, so they can achieve different voltage control at the same time. Using 4-way 817 optocoupler, to achieve the control signal and the control signal isolation, you can directly use the microcontroller or ..
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