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A 9v Battery Snap Connector with DC Jack with Battery Connector Cap is an adapter which transfers the 9 volts from a battery to a DC power plug- which then can be plugged in and power a DC power barrel jack with 9 volts. The 9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug provides the ability to conv..
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A88 Metal Detector Non-Contact Metal Induction Detection is a DIY kit for the Metal Detector project. The kit comes with all the necessary components and a PCB with a built-in detector coil. The PCB is made from good quality material and has all the necessary information about the component values p..
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A88 Metal Detector Non-Contact Metal Induction Detection Module is a LC Metal detector non-contact metal induction detection module can be used as a metal detector. When it approaches any metal, it makes a sound.This is a module specifically designed to detect metal. The module operates by inducing ..
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AD620 Microvolt - Millivolt Voltage Amplifier Module is a High Precision Signal Amplifier Board/Voltage Amplifier Module based upon AD620 Instrumentation amplifier IC, Input voltage range: DC 3~12V, Amplification: adjustable 1.5~1000 times, Adjustable zero to improve accuracy. Can be used for AC, DC..
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ADUM3160 1 Channel 1500V USB to USB Voltage Isolator Module 12Mbps 1.5Mbps is based on Analog Device's proprietary iCoupler technology and is USB 2.0 compliant, providing fully isolated 1.5M bps and 12M bps data rates, isolating 1500V, requires no external power and no drivers. The USB port is prote..
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This is Alligator Clips Electrical DIY Test Leads 10pcs of Double-ended Crocodile Clips Roach Clip. It is insulation covered clips connected to the wire from both ends.It is useful in electrical or laboratory electric testing work. Alligator clips are frequent use in school physics laboratories to q..
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Assorted Resistor Box - Mix Resistor 1/4 Watt 150 Pcs Assorted Value Pack. Assorted collection of Resistors. This Resistor Box contains a total of 150 Resistors. Values of Resistors included in box are mentioned in image.The Power Rating of the resistors is 1/4W.Package Includes:1 x Resistor Box 1/4..
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This Black DC 5.5 mm Male to Female Plug Extension with ON-OFF Switch can provide you ease to the ON-OFF power supply on your project desk while connecting to the power adapter. If you frequently need to ON-OFF your application then you must have this  30cm long extension which comes with a Mal..
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Bluetooth Audio-ontvanger Module Audio Format MP3 WMA WAV FLAC Decoder Board Lossless Bluetooth 4.2 Muziek Module Board is a multi-purpose Bluetooth audio decoder board that integrates Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth calling, and MP3 decoding. In Bluetooth mode, it supports matching various smartphone pl..
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Capacitive Touch Dimmer LED Dimmer PWM Control Switch Module is a switch, dimming, with brightness memories LED touch dimming. It will light slowly when turning on the lights, and become dark slowly when turn off, which effectively avoid the stimulation to eyes.The lamp brightness can be adjusted by..
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CD43 4.7µH 1A SMD Power Inductor is a surface mount device. It has a ferrite drum as the core on which a wire is wound. This inductor has a magnetic shield and is RoHS compliant. The power inductor has a moisture sensitivity level of 1 i.e. this power inductor has high moisture resistance.This type ..
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CDRH104R 100μH Power Inductor is a passive electronic device. It has a ferrite drum and copper wire wound on it. Terminals of this inductor, also called pads are designed for surface mounting. Also, the inductor has magnetic shielding.Moreover, this inductor has the highest moisture sensitivity leve..
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