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400 Tie Points Contacts Mini Circuit Experiment Solderless Breadboard are commonly used for prototyping because they allow you to quickly build temporary circuits without soldering. Breadboards accept most through-hole parts and up to #22 wire. When you’re done or want to change your circuit, it’s e..
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This is 40A 5Pin Relay Connector PC Board Mount Relay Socket PCB Relay Connector has 40A rating with built-in 5 terminals. Relay Connecter with 40 amps contact ratings,12V. PC board Mounting Thermoplastic mold compound material. Features: Relay Sockets with built in 5 Terminals.R..
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The 4N33 Optocoupler IC is a 1-channel Optically Coupled Isolator consists of an infrared LED and NPN silicon photodarlington. It features 5.3kV high isolation voltage. It has high current transfer ratio.Specifications:Optocoupler Case Style : DIPForward Current If Max : 60mACollector Emitter Voltag..
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This 4×5 Matrix Array 20 Key Membrane Switch Keypad Keyboard is a high-quality soft-touch feeling button keypad with 100 million life-stroke lifespans and good resistance to environmental conditions.This DC 12V 4×5 Key Matrix Membrane Switch Keypad is a high-quality product at a very low cost for yo..
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This is 4×4 Matrix 16 Keyboard Keypad Telephone Style Black. It is 16 Button Keypad switch, ideal for code or data entry. Each key is rated for up to 1,000,000 life-stroke and also features a durable high-quality material contact surface for best environmental resistances.This 4×4 Keypad Matrix lets..
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The BC547 NPN Transistor is an NPN transistor. A transistor is nothing but the transfer of resistance which is used for amplifying the current. A small current of the base terminal of this transistor will control the large current of emitter and base terminals. The main function of this transistor i..
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This 5V 2 Channel USB PC Intelligent Control Relay Module uses HID technology and high quality so no need use the driver. Just you need to download data which comes inside the application and plug and play. It supports Windows 7, XP 32 systems. The module equips Songle relay and an imported high-per..
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A 5V Active Alarm Buzzer Module for Arduino is an low current audio signaling device, which may be mechanical, electromechanical, or piezoelectric. Just like what you are viewing now, it is 5V DC Electronic Part Active Buzzer Module. Using top quality material, it is durable in use.What is more, an ..
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8CH Quality Test Hook Clip Logic Analyzer Test Folder for USB Saleae 24M is 10 point Dupont folder cable with Hook Clip for connecting and locking.It has simple press and lock Clip fitted to each wire for easy and safe to clip and Unclip the test points on your board whereas another end comes with f..
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A 9v Battery Snap Connector with DC Jack with Battery Connector Cap is an adapter which transfers the 9 volts from a battery to a DC power plug- which then can be plugged in and power a DC power barrel jack with 9 volts. The 9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug provides the ability to conv..
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A88 Metal Detector Non-Contact Metal Induction Detection is a DIY kit for the Metal Detector project. The kit comes with all the necessary components and a PCB with a built-in detector coil. The PCB is made from good quality material and has all the necessary information about the component values p..
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A88 Metal Detector Non-Contact Metal Induction Detection Module is a LC Metal detector non-contact metal induction detection module can be used as a metal detector. When it approaches any metal, it makes a sound.This is a module specifically designed to detect metal. The module operates by inducing ..
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