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500W 24V DC 2500 RPM Motor for Scooter Bike Go-Kart Mini-Bike E-ATV MY1020 motor work with some extreme or Razor Electric scooter, Mini bike or Go-kart using a 500W motor. Should also work with any other brand with similar specs in motor.Specification: Model MY1020 Motor T..
Ex Tax:₹4,131.36
The Brake for E-Bike MY1016 is a replacement for the regular brake lever and either cuts out the controller or engages regenerative braking in the controller when the lever is squeezed. We have integrated levers for both mechanical and hydraulic brakes, as well as It can be added to your existing le..
Ex Tax:₹309.32
MY1016 24V 25OW eBike Motor with Electric Bicycle Combo Kit has all assembly product you need to build your eBike. MY1016  24-volt 250-watt output for electric scooter and bike motor.  This MY1016 is popular reduction motor, simply the most commonly used motor for Scooters, Bikes and quad’..
Ex Tax:₹4,236.44
MY1016Z2 24V 250W Motor with E-Bike Combo Kit is the complete set of e-Bike Motor, Motor controller, Twist throttle gear and Brake Lever. This combo made with compatibility with each other so you do not need to put efforts to choose them individually for your project. This popular reduction motor is..
Ex Tax:₹4,364.41
We always understands the inventive mind and the thrill of creating something all your own among students. That is why we are proud to present the 24 volt 350W watt MY1016Z gear reduction motor complete with a 9 tooth 1/8" bicycle chain sprocket.This motor is great for those wanting to make their ow..
Ex Tax:₹6,313.56
36 Volt 600 Watt MY1020Z Gear Reduction Electric Motor with 10 Tooth #40 Chain Sprocket and BracketEbike MY1020Z 600W 36V 480RPM DC Geared Motor (GB) is a  fine motor with gear reduction might be the perfect little dynamo of power for your next garage project or custom build.  This motor s..
Ex Tax:₹7,033.90
EBike Twist Throttle Grip Accelerator for E-bike 24V 36V 48V is an attachment to a motor controller for MY1016 E-Bike Motor. It is used as input to control motor. It is similar to the scooter accelerator available in the market.It features linear control over E-Bike motor and lets you change the spe..
Ex Tax:₹211.02
36V 600W motor controller best fit for 600W operated scooters and electric bikesSpecifications: Compatible for Motor MY1020 600W Body Material Aluminium Cable Length 10 CM Current Limit 30A Rated Voltage(V) ..
Ex Tax:₹1,483.05
This Motor Controller for MY1016 24V 250W includes attachments for the motor, accelerator, brake, battery, battery charging, brake light, power lock. It is used to operate My1016 24V 250W motor.Specifications: Body Material Aluminium Cable Length 10 CM ..
Ex Tax:₹507.63
Motor Controller for MY1016 24V 350W is compatible for 350W motor. Includes attachments for motor, accelerator, brake, battery, battery charging, brake light, power lock.Specifications: Compatible for Motor MY1016 350W Body Material Aluminium Cable..
Ex Tax:₹741.53
Motor Controller for MY1020 24V 500W is use for scooters and electric bikes. This motor brush controller for Electric bicycle & scooter is compatible with   MY1020 500W DC motorSpecifications: Compatible for Motor MY1020 500W Body Material Aluminium..
Ex Tax:₹932.20
MY1016 24V 250W 2650 RPM Motor, Motor Controller, Throttle - DIY Electric Bicycle Kit is perfect for converting bicycle to E-bike. This kit works as basic parts for making e-bike.MY1016 Motor Specifications - Model MY1016 Operating Power 250 W Operati..
Ex Tax:₹2,796.61
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