So what would be your answer? What do you think? Robots are an asset or a liability?

Well, most of your minds will immediately shoot a YES and robots are an asset. Yes. Of course they are! And we definitely need them. But do they even have some disadvantages? So just flip the coin and look at the other side also.  You just can’t ignore the other side.

Robots have reduced our work to a great extent. And of course, it is easier to create robots than humans. We can produce them in mass and use them for our convenience. They have made our life simpler and safer. If there were no robots, we had to do all the work ourselves. There are a few works done by robot which if humans had to do, would be a threat to life. There are many dangerous situations where people are being exposed daily and they are risking lives for one or another purpose. In order to change where it is changeable, or to replace where it’s replaceable, robots will take place. Those automatic machines that can fit in almost every risky situation are great success for human kind and great advantage and relief for further crucial decisions.Robots require fewer resources to function. This will allow them to become far more productive and cost-effective than humans. Digital or hybrid minds will be far more robust and specialized than those of humans.

What do companies want? What they want to achieve is to replace people’s professionalism or their work in order to save time, energy, power, finance and gain much more product. Industries have already started to accomplish that purpose by digitalizing whole plants, replacing the humans hand with new robotic one, much faster and more precise. More products have been made, with higher quality and minimum time waste. So robots are very important to any company.
But after all, it is a machine! Every part of the robots is made so precisely that can be really hard to replace or to fix the problem which makes one great disadvantage. So maintenance of the robotics can cost serious amounts of money.  Industrial branch grows from day to day, but people lose their jobs, even their families for lack of finance. Imagine what would happen if humans were replaced with robots? There would be unemployment! People would find it very difficult to earn their livelihood. Robots with human capabilities can be created. They can talk, listen and do all other work.

We can’t imagine a life with only robots- all sorts of electronics moving around us! Our technologically enhanced minds and bodies would better match those of robots. We still don't know how safe, effective, and accessible human enhancement technologies will be. It's also an open question as to whether or not human enhancement will ever be socially sanctioned. Few doubts will be cleared with time. What impact robots can have on our life can only be known with time.