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Biometric - EKG - EMG Sensor

ECG Monitor Sensor Module is based on AD8232 Analog Device IC. This is a cost-effective Heart Rate Monitor Kit used to measure the electrical activity of the heart. This electrical activity can be charted as an ECG or Electrocardiogram and output as an analog reading. ECGs can be extremely noisy, ou..
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EMG Muscle Sensor Module With Cable And Electrodes will measure the filtered and rectified electrical activity of a muscle; outputting 0-Vs Volts depending the amount of activity in the selected muscle, where Vs signifies the voltage of the power source. Power supply voltage: min. +-3.5V.By detectin..
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Finger Detection Heartbeat Measuring Sensor Module KY-039 uses bright infrared (IR) LED and a phototransistor to detect the pulse of the finger, a red LED flashes with each pulse. This component is ideally suited to adding heartbeat sensing to your project.Pulse monitor works as follows: The LE..
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GT521F32 Optical Fingerprint Scanner Module with JST SH Connector from Techtonics communicates over TTL Serial so you can easily embed it into your next project. The module itself does all of the heavy lifting behind reading and identifying the fingerprints with an onboard optical sensor and 32..
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HB100 Microwave Doppler Radar Wireless Motion Sensor is a X-Band Bi-Static Doppler transceiver module. Its built-in Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) and a pair of Micro strip patch antenna array, make it ideal for OEM usage in motion detection equipment. This module is ideally suitable for fals..
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Pulse Sensor - Heart Rate Sensor Amped measures the heart rate data that can be really useful whether you're designing an exercise routine, studying your activity or anxiety levels or just want your shirt to blink with your heart beat. The problem is that heart rate can be difficult to measure. Luck..
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R307 Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor Module is a fingerprint sensor with a TTL UART interface for direct connections to microcontroller UART or to PC through MAX232 / USB-Serial adapter. The user can store the fingerprint data in the module and can configure it in 1:1 or 1: N mode for identifying ..
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An Anti Static ESD Wrist Strap Elastic Band with Clip for Sensitive Electronics is an antistatic device used to safely ground a person working on very sensitive electronic equipment, to prevent the building up of static electricity on the operator’s body, which can result in the electrostatic discha..
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AS608 Optical Fingerprint Sensor Fingerprint Module is a fingerprint module which works on algorithm that extracts features from the acquired fingerprint image and represents the fingerprint information. The storage, comparison, and search of fingerprints are all done by operating fingerprint featur..
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This is DSO138 2.4″ TFT Handheld Pocket-size Digital Oscilloscope Kit. This DSO138 digital oscilloscope kit adopts ARM Cortex-M3 processor and with 2.4-inch TFT screen.It’s easy and reliable for circuit operation. It can display frequency, period, pulse width, duty ratio, MAX./MIN./AVG./Peak-Peak/vi..
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DSO-SHELL (DSO150) Digital Pocket Oscilloscope - 1MSa/s - 200KHz - Fully Assembled is a pocket size digital oscilloscope with nice plastic housing. It can be used for basic waveform visualization and debugging. This item is fully assembled DSO150 with ready to use out of the box. It requires a 9V po..
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GSR Galvanic Skin Response Module Current Sensor Kit , also referred to as skin conductance response (SCR) or electrodermal activity (EDA), is the property that momentarily makes our skin a better conductor of electricity when we are physiologically aroused.When aroused, a number of body proces..
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