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This is  5S 15A 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery BMS Charger Protection Board for 18V 21V Battery. It ensures the security of the battery pack.Features :Single section power consumption since: 30 μAPower consumption between single section: 3 μASingle section over charging sensing voltage: 4.18- / 4..
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This is a dual USB motorbike charger is formed from high quality ABS plastic material which provides it strong strength and durability. This motorcycle charger Comes with dual 5V, 1A / 2.1A charging ports, built-in good charging IC, can auto detects your devices and simultaneously chargers two devic..
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5V 2.4A Dual USB + Type-C + Micro + Lightning/Apple USB Power Bank With LED Display 18650 Charger Board is a portable backup power supply with an input that matches the 5.0V adapter to charge the internal battery. Use built-in battery for portable device to provide 5.0V/3.0A USB2.0 supply output for..
Ex Tax:₹224.58
The 5V 2A Large Current Wireless Charger Module Transmitter Receiver Charging Coil Module is for a variety of small electronic products, wireless charging, power supply development, and design, with a small size, easy to use, high efficiency, low price characteristics.It is mainly used in mobile ele..
Ex Tax:₹622.88
5V, 1A Power Supply Adapter is compatible to handle up to 1A current so applications like toy cars, CCTV Cameras, Routers, Modems, Cordless Phones, Set-Top Boxes, Wireless Devices, and POS Machines are compatible with this adapter.Features:The adapter is easy to use.Wide input voltage range (110VAC-..
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This is 9V 1A DC Power Supply Adapter 2 in 1 pin takes an AC input of 100-240V  with 9V supply output capacity. This power unit is also suitable for any other equipment requiring a 9 volt DC supply up to a maximum of 1 Amp.Features:Short Circuit, Over Voltage and Over Current Protection. M..
Ex Tax:₹101.69
ABSD LiPo Battery 11.1V 2200MAH 3S 30C is Capable of maximum continuous discharge rates up to 30C, placing this battery among the most powerful Li-Po battery packs in its class! It offers an excellent blend of weight, power, and performance.Features:Lithium Polymer Battery PackThe Orange LiPo batter..
Ex Tax:₹1,059.32
BT-168D Battery Tester Digital Display Battery Capacity Tester is use to test all different kinds of batteries (18650 16340 14500 10440 Lithium Battery, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, mini cell). Check the power level of all 1.5V, 3.7V, 9V, and 1.5V miniature cells. It can quickly test the capacity of your batt..
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This is CD42 5V 2A Charge Discharge 3.7/4.2V Lithium Battery Boost Protection Board. When using lithium battery, its charge and discharge need a circuit protection to protect the lithium battery from being charged or damaged or to obtain safe power supply from the lithium battery. The mobile power m..
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CN3791 12V MPPT Solar LiPo Charger Module is a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charger for single-cell LiPo batteries. This MPPT solar charger provides you with the ability to get the most possible power out of your solar panel or other photovoltaic device and into a rechargeable LiPo batt..
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The CR2025 3V Lithium Coin Battery is a powerful battery that provides long-lasting and reliable power. It is perfect for frequent use in car key remotes, medical devices, digital watches, fitness devices, and other electronics.It has a long shelf life meaning the battery still has lots of percentag..
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Dual Micro USB 3.7v to 5V 2A Mobile power bank charging module DIY 18650 Lithium Battery with LED. This is the mobile power module Accessories, 18650 Circuit board shell. Meet the individual needs of your DIY, but you must understand basic electronic assembly.Features:4-level LED lamp display power,..
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