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SK8 8MM linear bearing rail support XYZ Shaft Table CNC Router SH8A design End Support is used mainly to support Hard Chrome Plated Rods in CNC Routers, CNC Engraving machines, 3D Printing Machines, Cashew Nut Shelling Machines, Pick and Drop Machines, Robots for Industrial Automation.These reliable..
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This is T8 Anti-backlash Spring Loaded Nut For CNC 8mm Threaded Rod Lead Screw. It is used with 8mm Lead Screw in general machine tools such as 3D printing.These nuts are mainly used for high transmission, precision transmission equipment, with elimination gap, elimination of poor, silencer function..
Ex Tax:₹93.22
The Tensioner Torsion Spring for GT2 6MM Timing Belt used in 3D Printer is made of Metal, high-quality Timing Belt Tensioner Springs.Constant force to Keep the belt reasonably tight to prevent miss step, skip a step or unwanted movements. It fits for 3D printer timing belt system. These are used to ..
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TL Smoother Addon Module Board Kit for 3D Printer Pattern Elimination Motor Clipping Filter. This product mainly aims at the ripple generated by parallel 3D printer printing, especially the effect of using 8825 drive and low resistance motor. It can effectively eliminate the uneven signal wave at lo..
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TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver Module for 3D Printer is single-axis stepping motor driver chip, power tube built-in drive current 1.4A peak current 2A, 256 subdivision, UART configuration interface. The latest version of the TMC2208 V1.2 takes the UART out and uses the UART function directly, eliminat..
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The Wing Type Headed Bed Adjusting Nut for 3D Printers is a threaded Nuts With Wings On Opposite Sides Of The Body Intended For Manual Turning. Quick And Easy Assembly By Hand.Commonly Used In Applications Where The Fastener Is Often Adjusted Or Frequently Removed.Specifications: Material ..
Ex Tax:₹45.76
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