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3 Axis Brushless Gimbal with Storm 32 Controller for GoPro 3 Xiaomi SJ4000

3 Axis Brushless Gimbal with Storm 32 Controller for GoPro 3 Xiaomi SJ4000
3 Axis Brushless Gimbal with Storm 32 Controller for GoPro 3 Xiaomi SJ4000
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Flying a multirotor is pretty awesome, but recording your flight to play back later is even more awesome! If you already own a GoPro you're halfway there combine it with this 3 axis brushless gimbal and you will be ready to record stunning cinematic video in no time.

There is no contest between the quality of aerial video taken with 3 axis versus a 2 axis gimbal, but up until now, 3 axis gimbals have been reserved for larger cameras and more powerful multi-rotors. The DYS Smart changes this. It’s one of the first 3 axis GoPro brushless gimbals on the market and in our opinion the best! Not only that but it also includes the brand new mini AlexMos controller, which runs the widely respected BaseCam Simple BGC software. The added 3rd axis not only provides superior stabilization but also allows you to fly the camera not just the multirotor!

What's so fantastic about this 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal with Storm 32 Controller for GoPro 3 Xiaomi SJ4000 is that it comes ready to use out of the box – preloaded with firmware and setup by Flying Tech! All that's required is mounting the gimbal to your multicopter, using either the supplied 10mm rail mount hooks or the spacers to directly bolt it to your frame. What's more, the gimbal will also fit the DJI Phantom without any modifications to the fitting bracket.

The wiring is also plug and play. The gimbal is supplied with a female JST connector, which can be plugged straight into 3S balance port adapters to make powering the DYS Smart from your flight battery quick and easy. If you wish to control the gimbal remotely, the mini Alexmos controller provides a handy 5V to power a receiver.

The gimbal will come preconfigured with the 3rd axis set in ‘follow mode’. This means the gimbal will follow the forward facing direction of the airframe but smooth out disturbances and movement when yawing the copter. This configuration is recommended for a single operator. The gimbal can also be set up to be controlled?by a second handset, for full control of 2 axis and different operating modes.

Please note While the gimbal comes setup ready to go, we recommend conducting an accelerometer and gyro calibration before use. You may also need to optimize its PIDs to suit your style of flying – parameter setting requires patience and experience, but there are plenty of tutorials and guidance online to help.

Calibration Steps:

  • Step 1. First Mount the camera on Gimbal.
  • Step 2. Fix the gimbal at bottom of Quad-copter frame or any plane surface.
  • Step 3. Power on the Gimbal.

Note: After Power on gimbal starts calibrating so do not move or touch the gimbal for 1 minute.After calibrating Beep sound came from the gimbal. Also, do not Hold the gimbal on Hand.It will not calibrate.

Points to note:

  • The pins on connector I2C#2 are reversed as with respect to connector I2C
  • ALL boards HAV

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